School Aims

“Achieving Excellence with Care”

We believe in the widest possible horizons for learning and aim to achieve the finest 11-16 education to be found anywhere.

We are Longfield Academy, an 11-16 school with a relentless determination to achieve the best possible outcomes for its pupils.

Core aims are at the heart of everything we do at Longfield, from the expectations in the classroom and around school, to representing the school in competition and in the community. They are an integral part of the school’s PSHE, assembly and house systems, which are inter-woven into the fabric of our inclusive school culture.

Our Local Governing Body are proud to endorse our P.R.O.U.D ethos of Passionate, Respectful, Organised, United and Determined. These are evident from the moment you step into the school.

At Longfield, we strive to ensure the highest standards are met, to provide the pupils not only with the best academic performance, but a moral code that will serve them well in future life.

School Values

We work hard every day to uphold these values


Everyone has a voice and a right to learn

This is a community school, a beating heart in the North of Darlington. We work hard to ensure active citizenship is central to our offer for the young people in our care.

This includes an active School Council, as well as many pupil led ambassadorial roles within school. We look to maximise extra-curricular opportunities and to collaborate as subject areas, to give the most comprehensive and inclusive educational offer possible. We want to give our young people the best possible life opportunities when they leave us for the adult world.

We are proud to host many community events and welcome parental involvement where possible, as well as offering many opportunities for peer support and development. We look to build resilience and we see positive physical and mental well-being as essential to our educational offer.

This is an institution with a magnificent heritage and traditions – we seek to build future triumphs in the same spirit as our illustrious past.

The Rule of Law

Adults at our school are working hard for our safety and welfare – we respect them 

We look to provide young people at Longfield with structures and routines which afford them an organisational framework from which to flourish. We see reward and sanction as inter-connected essentials, which allow young people to flourish through guidance and clear boundaries, which feed both self and community respect and resilience.

We have a bespoke approach to the rule of law, which emphasises the need to understand the individual and their family/community circumstances, whilst seeking to establish the ground rules by which they can flourish in future life. This involves a key understanding of the relationship between consistency and equality, with flexibility and compassion.

Graduated response is a key tenet of our holistic approach, which looks to capitalise on a restorative approach and seeks to build on excellent relationships in the area to maximise community cohesion.

Celebration and enjoyment are huge features of our school life and termly competition seeks to reward the fantastic everyday pursuits of the pupils we are so proud to serve.

Individual liberty

 We have a variety of activities here and everyone is welcome to take part 

Equality of opportunity is extremely important to us. We believe that it is vital to give structure and order to allow the individual to express themselves in an environment which is tolerant and welcoming. We actively work with the community to broaden horizons and break down any barriers and potential stereotypes. We work hard to challenge misconceptions and educate all sections of our community for the greater good.

Flexibility of approach is essential to us and we seek to offer the best range of subjects and courses to fit the needs of our pupils, offering the best possible chances when leaving us for pastures new. We are proud to welcome many external agencies, providers, guests and speakers, all of whom add significant value to the enrichment of our school experiences

Our school community is proud to include many interesting and diverse personalities and life experiences. We encourage all staff to be positive role models and share their narratives in order to widen perspectives.

Mutual Respect

Our community welcomes everyone

We believe that our approach is rooted firmly in the basic concept of respect being earned and reciprocated across all sections of the community. This area is extremely loyal and we look to capitalise on these strong foundations to provide an anchor from which our young people can explore and maximise the wide variety of life experiences available across the globe.

We uphold the principle that someone’s own liberties must not transgress the rights of others to be respected, and look to have an approach which celebrates fun and the lighter elements of daily interaction.

The needs of the individual are central to our response model and builds a culture of understanding. Our model of communication is about transparency and lucid open dialogue, leading to positive outcomes by tackling issues which are most important in terms of conflict resolution.

Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

We celebrate difference 

We seek to expand the opportunities for all young people, which for us, involves wider opportunities to interact with cultures and experiences beyond the demographics of the school. This allows our young people to experience difference and celebrate modern Britain.

Central to our ethos is determination. This includes the determination to stand up for what is right, whilst channelling passions correctly in order to achieve outcomes which are mutually beneficial.

We seek to set standards by which our young people can flourish and so that they can remember their time at Longfield as a seminal moment in their development into successful world citizens.

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