History is not a burden on the memory, but an illumination of the soul.

Lord Acton 


The History Department at Longfield Academy is committed to ensuring that all pupils make excellent progress in History through experiencing innovative and thoughtful teaching which engages and motivates them to succeed. It is our aim that pupils leave us as well rounded, global citizens equipped with vital skills that prepare them for the wider world, whether that be in continuing into higher education or the world of work.

Longfield pupils will learn to understand the past by developing their historical skills. They will gain a sense of time, chronology and their place in world history. They will develop important skills of identification, analysis and evaluation through examining historical evidence and sources with a critical eye. They will investigate issues affecting the world around them and people’s lives in the past, now and in the future.

Learning Sequence Overview

Key Stage 3

Year 6 to 7 Transition Stage

When joining Longfield Academy, from a variety of feeder primary school, pupils will be given an introductory fortnight in History lessons where they will be introduced to the work of the historian and the practice of history. 

Sequence of Learning KS3 

The KS3 curriculum is enquiry based whereby pupils focus on a specific question each lesson that ensures pupils to develop and understand the ‘bigger picture’ of their learning journey.

Within the lesson pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of the essential skills to be successful at GSCE. Each topic within the curriculum builds upon and develops substantive historical concepts and content from the preceding topic. These concepts are re-visited throughout the curriculum.

The following skills are practised at KS3:

AO1 – developing knowledge and understanding

AO2 – analysing second order concepts (cause, consequence, change & continuity)

AO3 – analysing and evaluating contemporary sources

AO4 – analysing and evaluating historical interpretations

KS3 Intervention Programme

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Key Stage 4

Sequence of Learning KS4

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KS4 Intervention Programme

Intervention is targeted with pupils specifically practising the skills needed through GAP analysis.

GCSE Specification

At GCSE, pupils follow the Edexcel GCSE 9-1 specification and study the following topics:

Paper 1 – Medicine in Britain c1250-present day

Paper 2 – American West c1835-c1895 & Anglo-Saxon and Norman England c1060-c1088

Paper 3 – Weimar & Nazi Germany 1918-1939


Extra information

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