At Longfield Academy, our curriculum provides a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that ignites pupils’ love of learning and successfully unlocks the true potential of each individual. Our timetable is a two-week timetable to maximise the broad and balanced curriculum we deliver.

Our curriculum encompasses the two hands: the academic hand and the welfare hand.

The academic hand offers an ambitious and aspirational knowledge development journey, allowing pupils to excel academically, to gain a range of high-quality qualifications when they leave school. The welfare hand allows the academic hand to flourish by supporting the personal development of each individual through the therapeutic programme and then the readiness to learn centre. Equally, the two hands blend together to support, secure and create happiness within each individual to allow personal success to enhance personal qualities, employability skills and cultural capital.

At Longfield Academy, we are aware that pupils realise their full potential through achieving excellent examination performances and secure outstanding development of their wider personal qualities through the We Are Longfield Curriculum.

We have designed a curriculum that allows the uniqueness of each individual subject to energise and educate our pupils whilst meeting their needs along the way; this is where the Longfield Learning Station structures and strengthens a whole school consistent approach.

Why Longfield Learning Station?

As the beating heart of the North of Darlington, we are extremely proud of our heritage of being known for the first passenger railway to use steam trains. At Longfield, we wanted to highlight our history and this is where the name ‘Learning Station’ evolved from.

What is the Longfield Learning Station?

In short, it develops WHAT and HOW the pupils are learning.

Longfield Learning Station is the vehicle that drives a knowledge rich curriculum here at Longfield Academy. Each platform of the Learning Station energises the learning journey our pupils go on; from being educated on the uniqueness of every subject (see Knowledge Sequence video) to meeting individual need of developing writing structures (see PEAL video).

Please click on the blue circle links on the track, to watch a short video that outlines each platform and its purpose.


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