Literacy Golden Thread


At Longfield we try to foster a love of reading by offering a diverse range of texts to suit all interests and abilities. Mrs. Martin, our librarian, opens the library from 8.15 to 4pm for pupils to read, complete homework and attend clubs. We also have volunteer pupil librarians who assist during break and lunchtimes. There are book clubs for each year group and a poetry club. We also offer literacy support at all times for all pupils.

Here you can find all the resources you need to access books and Accelerated Reader information.

Eplatform  use this link to borrow e-books to read. You can also download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Ask your English teacher or Mrs. Martin for your login. Once you have logged in you can choose the book you would like to read or an audiobook from the list by clicking on the book cover. Then click the blue borrow button. It is yours to read for 2 weeks. If you need longer you can renew it (as long as no one else has reserved it.)


‘Myon’ allows you to read Accelerated Reader e books for free. Click ‘search’ and the ‘ATOS’ tab to find a book on your level. If you cannot remember your book level, check via ‘progress’ on Accelerated reader. It will show your ZPD score which is the same as the ATOS level.


Accelerated Reader

Reading is an essential part of the Literacy Golden Thread and, at Longfield, we want all our pupils to be confident readers and to enjoy reading. That is why all pupils in years 7,8 and 9 have an Accelerated Reader lesson every fortnight and all pupils across the school can access Accelerated Reader during PD time. We use the Star Reading test to determine each pupil’s reading age and book level in Key Stage 3. Every pupil will have a reading target set. We monitor this to make sure it is achievable for each child.

Use this link to take a quiz on your book

Once you have logged in, click the ‘progress’ tab to find your target. This will also tell you how close you are to achieving your target. Click on ‘bookshelf’ to see the titles you have previously read.

Parents/Carers can find a guide to how the quizzes work here

Parents/Carers can track their child’s progress using their child’s log in details.

To find a book on your level go to


‘Accessit’ is our library catalogue where you can search for books and resources. You can search for, borrow, renew and reserve books, create reading lists, write reviews and look for recommendations.

‘Accessit’ is available from your internet browser so you can log in wherever you are, using your school login details.

The library offers lists of recommended reading by year group. Click here to find the list for your year group. for recommended books for y7 for recommended reading y8 recommended reading y9 for recommended reading y10/11

If you are looking for something new to read but not sure what, have a look here

For book and reading activities while school is closed, have a look at our mobile library

Millionaire corner

Star Reader of the week

Pupil Librarians

Events happening in the library