At Longfield we aim to nurture a love of reading by offering a diverse range of texts to suit all interests and abilities. Mrs. Forster, our librarian, welcomes pupils to the library during break and lunch times and after school so they can read, complete homework and attend clubs. There are exciting book clubs for each year group and a wonderful poetry club.

Every pupil in Key Stage 3 is given a reading lesson once every fortnight as part of their English curriculum where they will read a class text linked to their curriculum studies in English.

Pupils in Key Stage 4 read a range of full texts linked to their GCSE studies.

Pupils in all year groups will take a reading age test and a spelling age test three times each year. The results of these tests are sent home to parents/carers and allow us to improve the quality of education across all subjects.

There are a range of support strategies available to pupils who want to improve their reading including Accelerated Reader and IDL.

Accelerated Reader

Pupils have access to an extensive range of texts in our well stocked library which are all linked to ‘Accelerated Reader.’ This means they can take a Quiz on each book they read and earn points when they pass that quiz successfully. This is an ideal tool for parents and carers to get their children reading and offer rewards if they hit their points target each half term. If you would like to know the log in details for your child’s account, or for a parent account, please contact our librarian Mrs Forster.


This online programme is very effective for improving pupils’ reading and spelling and it is offered to many of our pupils in school. You can also request access for your child and we will send the log in details and make sure they are registered and know which level they need to start on. Please contact our Literacy Leader Mr. Cadd for more information.