At least one piece of work in every subject will be marked in detail for SPAG and pupils will be expected to make the changes needed in purple pen. We will continue to use the established school codes for this:

Marking Codes

SP             Check Spellings (misspelled words will be underlined)

//               New Paragraph

Circle       Check Error (edit where appropiate)

                Check Punctuation

V               Check Vocabulary (change or improve vocabulary)

‘SP’ Check Spellings
•The teacher will write ‘SP’ in the margin next to the sentence where the spelling mistake has taken place.
•The teacher will underline the word which has the spelling mistake and highlight to the pupil the correct spelling.
•Pupils need to write the correct spelling in the margin three times in purple pen.

// New paragraph
•In extended writing the teacher will use the // symbol to show where a new paragraph should have been started.

Circle check error
The teacher will put a circle around any grammatical errors which have taken place.
• For example, if a capital letter has not been used or has been used incorrectly.
•Pupils need to rewrite the word in purple pen, making the changes they need to make.

! Punctuation
If pupils have missed punctuation, or they have used punctuation incorrectly, the teacher will put an exclamation mark (!) at the point where the error has happened.
•Pupils need to put in the correct punctuation in purple pen at the point where the error has taken place.
•It is important to recognise that this is not asking pupils to put an exclamation mark into the sentence. The exclamation mark is the symbol to identify a punctuation error and pupils need to identify which punctuation is missing or is incorrect.

‘V’ Check vocabulary
•The teacher will use a ‘V’ when pupils have used the wrong subject specific vocabulary or used vocabulary in the wrong context.
•They will also use a ‘V’ if they want pupils to try to think of more ambitious vocabulary.
•Pupils need to write the new word in the margin in purple pen.