Summer School 2021

“I feel so much more confident that I know my way around the school now!” 

“I have made new friends from different schools already!”

“My favourite part has been the swimming lessons… and the pizza for lunch!” 

“I was really nervous about starting Longfield, but now I am not worried anymore!”

We were delighted to welcome 102 Year 6 pupils into Longfield between Monday 19th – Friday 23rd July 2021 for an action packed, fun filled week of new subjects, new teachers and new experiences. The aim of our Summer School was to help prepare pupils for their journey into the world of Secondary School, which was especially important this year due to the lack of face to face transition!

Read on to find out about what our future Longfield Year 7s got up to…

Monday involved pupils attending a carousel of lessons; swimming, PE, geography and DT. On Tuesday we welcomed the team from Outdoor Ambition where we enjoyed a whole range of outdoor challenges and team building activities, helping pupils to develop new friendships along the way! Wednesday saw the pupils engage in PE, RE, swimming and even some dissection in science – not for the faint hearted! On Thursday we were lucky enough to have the team from Medical Mavericks in school, where pupils took ECG scans, performed keyhole surgery, drew blood from a fake arm, and even had the chance to race against a virtual Usain Bolt! On Fridaypupils took part in IT, where they were able to photoshop themselves into different lands! They also took part in history, a maths problem solving challenge, and tested their outdoor adventure skills by learning to put up tents and toast marshmallows! The pupils were treated to a Dominos lunch before their final awards assembly, where our Stars of the Week were crowned! Pupils’ final surprise of the week was an Ice Cream Van on their way out of Summer School.  

Pupils were provided with breakfast snacks and lunch each day in the canteen, to prepare them for how lunch times work at Longfield. We celebrated the end of each day with our daily awards, for pupils showing different elements of our ethos that day:

It was fantastic to be able to get to know the new Year 7 pupils, in light of there being no face to face transition this year. Pupils grew in confidence over the course of the week, and it was brilliant for them to find their way round, get to know some of their new teachers, develop new friendships and learn about the Longfield Way and PROUD. It has definitely had a huge impact on our pupils as they have settled exceptionally well during the first half term at Longfield- I have no doubt that this is in part due to their experiences at Summer School”







Take a look at the pictures to see some of the fun we had!


Staff Costs £8528.94
Refreshments, Food, water £1355.39
Workshops/ events £5354.56
Total £15238.89